America’s Secret Role in the Rwanda Genocide Article

The piece America’s Secret Role in the Rwanda Genocide was very interesting. It showed a whole other side to the genocide that I never heard of. It was nice to read after reading We Wish to Inform You that Tomorrow We Will be Killed with Our Families because the two authors had very different views. The author of the article viewed the Tutsis, RPF, and Museveni as major players in the cause of the genocide. In the book, it blamed the Hutus and president Habyarimana primarily for the genocide. The article was also interesting because it told more about what was going on in Uganda before the genocide which was addressed in detail in the book. The article talked about how there were many Tutsi refugees in Uganda. Many of them came together and formed the RPF. Museveni supported this by aiding them. RPF’s aim was to overthrow the Habyarimana government and take control of Rwanda. Paul Kagame, who was portrayed as a good guy in the book, was mentioned in the article as taking part in brutal behaviors against opposing people. On October 1, 1990, RPF fighters gathered and invaded Rwanda. Museveni promised to stop things like this from occurring by blocking the border, providing no assistance to RPF, and arrest any rebels returning to Uganda, but he did not follow through on any of this. In October 1993, the UN security council authorized a peacekeeping force to be dispatched along the border, but it was too difficult for them to monitor the entire border. The U.S. continued to support Uganda by providing them with weapons. The U.S. doubled aid to his government. The US ambassador to Rwanda asked the George HW Bush administration to place sanctions on Uganda, but they did not because they feared it might hurt their relations. The shooting down of Habyarimana’s plane and ultimately his death has never been solved. Some believe it was the RPF, and others believe it was Hutu elites and members of his army. I thought this article was a great read because it provided us with another side to what happened in Rwanda and Uganda. I am very glad we got to read this and have our eyes open to a whole new side of the genocide.

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