Bloodlands Chapter 6-Conclusion

Bloodlands Chapter 6 to the conclusion was about what happened during World War II and afterward. It starts with what happened after Operation Barbarossa. Hitler rearranged his plans so they now focused on the killing of Jews. Himmler took responsibility for the task of exterminating Jews. Germany took over Eastern Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia during the summer of 1941. Lithuanians welcomed the Germans when they came. They even helped kill Jews. Estonians also helped with this through the EinsatzgruppeĀ A. They saw Germans as liberators. When Germany invaded Poland, the NKVD shot and killed Polish citizens. The Nazis used this as propaganda against Jews. Einsatzgruppe A was in the Baltic States, Einsatzgruppe B was in Vilnius and Belarus, and Einsatzgruppe C was in Ukraine. Himmler pushed for mass shooting, including women and children. Stalin had 438,700 Soviet Germans deported as an act against Hitler. The fifth and final version of the final solution was mass death. Belarus was the center of conflict between Germany and the Soviet Union. Allies began to emphasize that they were fighting not just to liberate Jews but all oppressed people. Minsk suffered greatly from the Nazis. About 5.4 million Jews died under German occupation. Those on the eastern side of the Molotov-Ribbentrop line died mostly from shooting, while those on the west side died mostly from gas. The main killing campaign in the west was operation Reinhard. 3 million Jews were gassed because of this operation. Odilo Globochik was the one who set up the gassing facilities. Trawniki men were the ones who operated the facilities. On the west side of the line, Germans set it up so they weren’t doing most of the actual killing. They used people like the Judenrat to do it for them. Hitler used Soviet prisoners of war for labor. Groups began to form in Poland to fight against the Soviet Union. Poland was supposed to be the center of ethnic purity. Stalin’s plan to remove Germans from Poland was approved. A communist government was then set up in Poland. I thought these last few chapters were interesting. I am just so glad to be done this book. It was so dang long, and I can only handle reading so many big books a week. I’m glad that this book was more interesting than some of the others we have read, otherwise, I think I would have just given up and not read any of it. I’m and just so grateful to be done.

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