Second Movie Review

The second movie we watched Bitter Harvest. It took place in Ukraine when communism took hold in the Soviet Union. Natalka and Yuri are the young woman and man that were followed in the beginning. They are in love, but Natalka does not want to marry Yuri because her parents are not together which is an embarrassment to society. The Bolsheviks came into Ukraine and looted all of the villages they came to. The Bolsheviks kill Yuri’s father and injure his grandfather. Yuri and Natalka end up getting married but at their wedding, but the Bolsheviks came in and ruined it. Stalin began to enforce collectivization. They were also stealing church property and shipping Kulak leaders away. Stalin was going around and declaring everything for the state. Yuri leaves for Kiev so he can make money to send back to Natalka. His friend Mykola from home has also gone to Kiev and is supporting Stalin’s actions. Self-expression and individualism were being suppressed. Many were starving. Ukranian party leaders were being arrested and Mykola was warned because he led the party, so he killed himself. Yuri was arrested for fighting Soviet soldiers in a bar. Yuri kills one of the guards and escapes. Natalka killed one of Stalin’s comrades. Yuri joined other Ukrainians to revolt against the Soviets. Lubko was a little boy that he met. They both took over a truck of grain and were making their way back to Yuri’s home. He finally makes it home and sees Natalka again. Natalka, Lubko, and Yuri escape. It ended when they all escape. Overall, it was a great movie, and I really enjoyed it.

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